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Yahoo! hypocrisy – Dark Ages Return!

Autocracy at Yahoo – or is that Idiocracy? I just read this article from Mashable, which got me fired up! It basically says that Yahoo! has cancelled their work-from-home policy, because Marissa and HR believe that “togetherness” (in the cubes) will re-create the bonds of communication and creativity they believe to be lost… [hr_padding] The […]

First steps for governmental change

Recipe for change – first steps A good mate of mine, Boyan Benev, just posted this note on his thoughts for how to take the first steps to change. I liked it, so am re-posting it here, along with my own addendum about transparency afterwards! [hr_padding] Boyan’s post: Opportunity to for change: [list type=check] I […]

End apathy and build responsibility

Apathy is antithetical to change! I recently had a conversation with a bright and personable college student here in Sofia, which got me a bit fired up! The conversation went something like this: Steve to Student: “My point is that YOU are the future of Bulgaria. Nobody else. So as a group, the young people […]

Is Bulgaria Ready for Change?

Are we ready for change? For those of you not aware of what’s going on in Bulgaria; the month of February 2013 is sparking wide-spread protests against many things – in particular the way that Bulgarian utility companies are operating, as well as endemic corruption. [pullquote align=center] Amidst all these protests, I’m wondering one fundamental […]

Pay Your Valued Suppliers – They aren’t Creditors

I recently tweeted about the alarming trend of larger companies delaying payments – longer and longer – to smaller companies (article here: on.wsj.com/N6Zfjb).  It’s something that has been continuing to nag at me: large companies (like those on the S&P) have record cash holdings, yet are increasing the number of days they are taking to […]

The Myth of Big Company Stability

As someone who works in a small business, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some variant of the following misconcept during job interviews: “I have an offer from ‘X’ Co. They’re a big company, so they’re more stable. Since I have a loan, that’s very important to me!” “Well, I’m looking to […]

The Importance of Culture in Business, Part 2

What hapens when a company, which started off as innovative, flexible, and passionate, becomes “professional” as we understand it today? When it grows, and matures, and ulimately puts in place those “structures” and “processes” which seem to be the thing to do? The same thing that happened, according to Toynbee, to civilizations. They begin to […]