Fundamentally, I’d like to shatter our inertia thinking!

  • Why do we do what we do, and act the way we act?
  • Why do we accept beliefs we inherited, without determining if this model currently fulfills and suits us?
  • Why do we feel, with certainty, that these inherited beliefs represent “best practices” in life and business-as-usual?
    Especially when we know, intellectually and in our hearts, that there’s a better way forward?
  • Why can’t we be happy, most of the time, at school and at work?
  • When we grow up, why do we stop asking ‘Why’ so much?

My belief is that we are operating our education and business ecosystems using antiquated thinking.  People can decide and act in order to change this: to grow, build, and improve our own lives, as well as the lives of others.  The only thing that stops us from improving is our limiting belief systems; which we’ve inherited from the past, and whose inertia carries forward into our generation.

The way to improve is to challenge our personal, business, and societies belief systems by asking the question: “Why?” …at least three times! And when we realize that we can no longer honestly answer that question in a way that fulfills us, those around us, and our customers… we must act to both create and embed updated belief systems.

  • Shatter intertia thinking

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